Parque Terra Nostra

In the South of São Miguel Island lies a long dormant volcano, with a 6-km/3-mile crater in diameter and slopes covered with dense forests. In the center of this idyllic setting is the Terra Nostra Garden - the oldest botanical garden in the archipelago.

Guarded by secular trees, the Garden is home to palm and bamboo groves, colossal gingko trees, and unique collections of plants in Europe, including the collections of cycads, camellias, Malaysian rhododendrons, tree ferns and giant water lilies.

The Garden originates in the late eighteenth century, when American merchant and vice-consul Thomas Hickling visited Furnas and acquired a plot of land to build his summer residence. In mid-nineteenth century, the property was bought by the Viscounts of Praia, who, following the English gardens’ model, gave it the classic layout that remains today.

In the 1930s, new owner Vasco Bensaude built, within the limits of the Garden, the first hotel in the Azores Islands, which he named Terra Nostra; later, this became the designation of the Garden as well.

The tradition of hospitality that has always branded this property carries on, and visitors are invited to explore woods, trails and lakes, where nature invites introspection. At the same time, the unique outdoor thermal water pool, a hallmark of the Azores, gives the Garden a mystical quality that balances and emphasizes the unique experience it offers to every visitor.

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São Miguel Island

São Miguel is a culturally diverse island, sure to please several audiences. Museums, live entertainment and artistic performance venues with regular programming offer visitors the ability to experience Azorean history and tradition in various ways.

Ponta Delgada is the main town on São Miguel Island and walking through its streets, one can explore and discover interesting details from the fusion of architectural styles.


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